T Shape Stainless Brushed Nickel Steel Standard Double Barn Door Hardware Kit Homacer Track Length 48 in $217.99 Homacer aims to provide the best value products and services to save your time and money when you think of installing a sliding door at your home! Only the hardware is for sale, doors are not included. The hardware package only has lag bolts for wooden walldrywall. If you are installing the hardware on a concrete wall, please send us a message asking for specialized bolts. Their product is compatible with a door. If you have a thinner or thicker door, please contact us for the correct length of the bolts for the hangers. Please notify us to put spacer extensions in the package if you have thicker doors. The spacer extension will extend the track further from the wall to fit the thicker door. If you have a door trim, you’d better put a header board that is as thick as the trim and then attach the rail to the header board. You need to have at least 6 of space between the top of the door to the ceiling to accommodate the hardware. They use two hangers to hold one door. For a single door kit, there will be two hangers in the package. For a double door kit, there will be four hangers. If you have a door that is either too wide or too heavy, then you can purchase addition hangers for that door. Features They picked the most premium brushed nickel steel to make the hardware heavy duty and sturdier than the competition. The raw steel provides the option for you to paint any color you like and with the ability to be colored, it will fit any room setting and leave a strong impression on your guest. The wheels of the roller are made of high quality nylon which ensures minimal noise when it glides on the track. Each complete track can hold door weight up to 200 lbs.. As a company in the US, their professional customer service team are here to ensure your satisfaction with their products and quick response to any questions. If you are still not happy with the order, you can always return it back to us and get all your money back!. You hate to see vague installation manual that is just one piece of paper with hard to read measurements, badly drawing pictures and barely any word instructions So am I! Fortunately, in their installation manual, you will see the step by step instructions with USA standard fractional inch measurements, self explanatory pictures, and concise word instructions. You are going to have a pleasant time while installing a sliding door at your home.. I understand how frustrated it was when you opened the box and found out multiple smaller tracks that were hard to line up and connect. Even worse when the spacing was not exactly 16. They have got them all figured out! The spacing is now exactly 16. Track under is only one piece track. The track above is connected by two tracks using a junction plate, thus, the spacing between the middle two holes may not be 16.. Tired of spending lot of money and time when searching for the proper size and type of hardware at the big box store Not the case here! They provide track sizes with reasonable price. They also improved their packaging to make sure you will get everything you need in a timely manner! No more hassle to go back and forth for the missing or replacement parts.. Product Type Barn door hardware kit. Kit components TrackRollersGuidesBracketTrack connector. Rollers included 4. Type of guide Floor. Track type Standard double. HandlePull Type . Style Modern Contemporary. Material Nickel. Mounting holes Track Length 48 in., 54 in. 3. Mounting holes Track Length 60 in., 66 in. 4. Mounting holes Track Length 72 in., 79.2 in., 84 in. 5. Mounting holes Track Length 90 in., 96 in., 108 in. 6. Mounting holes Track Length 120 in., 132 in. 8. Mounting holes Track Length 144 in., 156 in., 168 in. 10. Mounting holes Track Length 180 in., 192 in. 12. Mounting holes Homacer Homacer Track Length 48 in.

You dont want Stainless Steel trims with Chrome or Brushed Nickel showerheads and shower arms. Shape Round T Bar. These Nickel Cabinet Pulls Handles are made of SOLID stainless steel bar with a Fine Brushed Satin Nickel finish. Youll the Stainless Brushed Nickel Steel Standard Single Barn Door Hardware Kit.

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Shop our selection of Stainless Steel Cabinet T Knob. Theres a lot to choose from from chrome stainless steel brushed nickel. Bend T Shape Bypass Barn Door Hardware Kit. Shop our selection of Stainless Steel Cabinet Knobs in the Hardware Department at The Home Depot Outdoor Illuminated Enclosed Wall Mounted Bulletin Board Aarco Frame Color Black Number Of Doors Three Size 48 H X 72 W. In mm Hole Center Drawer Pulls 1 Pack HD 01SN Barret 2675 Table Lamp Allegri Crystal Swarovski Elements Clear. Thats very important for the longevity of it making sure that you wont have to. Shape round. Very similar to Satin Nickel except for the fact that Brushed Nickel has very fine lines in the finish and therefore is also an excellent match for Stainless Steel Rountree Panel Bed World Menagerie Size Queen.

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Modern Funiture Hardware Brushed Stainless Steel T Bar Kitchen Cabinet Door Handles Drawer Pull Knobs. Mm Polished Nickel Stainless Steel Cabinet T Knob. Lizavo 01 0 0SN Satin Nickel Cabinet Hardware Solid Euro Style T bar Handle Pull Hole.

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